• The IAEAC will sponsor the Roland W. Frei Award to the best poster from a young researcher corresponding to a certificate and a cash prize. Awarded to: Soraia Fernandes, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal.
  • The International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry will sponsor an award to an outstanding poster presented by a young scientist in the field of environmental analysis, corresponding to a subscription to the journal, 150€ and a certificate. Awarded to: Roberto Maria Hormigos, University of Alcalá, Spain.
  • The journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry will sponsor a prize for a poster presented by a young researcher in form of a books voucher at a value of 150€ and a certificate. Awarded to: Dinah Schick, University of Hohenheim, Germany.
  • The ISEAC-40 organisation will sponsor 2 prizes for the best young researcher oral presentations, corresponding to 200€ and a certificate. The organisation finally decided to award 3 prizes  due to the high standing of the presentations. They were awarded to: Marina Celia Campos Mañas (University of Almería, Spain), Monisha Elumalai (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Portugal) and Annelies Van Heyst (Sciensano, Belgium).

Selection committees:

  • Poster prizes: Felippe de Alencastro (EPFL, Switzerland), Joan Albaigues (CSIC, Spain), Renato Zanella (Univ. Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil).
  • Oral presentation awards: Adrian Covaci (Univ. Antwerp, Belgium), Luke Ackerman (US-FDA, USA), Imma Ferrer (Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, USA), Lionel Spack (Nestlé, Switzerland), Nestor Etxebarria (Univ. of the Basque Country, Spain).