Keynote speakers

Célia Alves

University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Topic: Emissions from residential biomass combustion

Margarita Aznar

University of Zaragoza (Spain)

Topic: Analytical strategies for NIAS determination in food packaging materials and food simulants

José Manuel Barat

Technical University of Valencia (Spain)

Topic: Nanotechnology in food industry. Use of molecular gates for controlled release

Ricardo Beiras

University of Vigo (Spain)

Topic: Relevance of microplastics in the marine environment

Sara Castiglioni

Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan (Italy)

Topic: Wastewater- based Epidemiology: past, present and future applications

Adrian Covaci

University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Topic: Search for the suitable biomarkers of organophosphate flame retardants in urine and wastewater

Imma Ferrer

University of Colorado at Boulder (CO, USA)

Topic: Characterization of hydraulic fracturing waters by LC-QTOF-MS

Félix Hernández

University Jaume I (Spain)

Topic: Advances in chromatography-mass spectrometry in environmental research

Luke Lindahl-Ackerman

Food and Drug Administration, College Park (MD, USA)

Topic: Analytical Challenges and Methods for Direct Analysis of Food and FCM Contaminants

Maria Rosaria Milana

Istituto Superiore di Sanità , Rome (Italy)

Topic: Food contaminants from materials into contact: a challenging analytical task

Clare Mills

University of Manchester (UK)

Topic: Integrated approaches to food allergen management and analysis

Thorsten Reemtsma

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ Leizpig (Germany)

Topic: Highly polar organic contaminants - a long lasting challenge in water analysis

Mónica Rosell

University of Barcelona (Spain)

Topic: Compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA):  from characterising contaminants degradation pathways to food authenticity

Lionel Spack

Nestlé Quality Assurance Centre, Vevey (Switzerland)

Topic: Analysis of mineral oils hydrocarbons in food, an approach of food industry

Xenia Trier

European Environment Agency, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Topic: Monitoring for regulatory purposes: Screening, semi-targeted or targeted analysis

Pim de Voogt

University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Topic: Emerging perfluorinated substances in the Dutch aquatic environment